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Tim Fite - Ain't Ain't Ain't We Are All Teenagers


  • ISRC:USEP41128006
  • Recorded:2011 Brooklyn, NY
  •  ©2012 Anti, Inc.
  • Hands, Mouth:Tim Fite
  • Lungs:Sexy Leroy
  • Trumpet:Andrew Oom
  • Mandolin:Dan Kinsley
  • Lungs:Rita Baragona
  • Gravely:St. Clair Sullivan
  • Banjo, Guitar:Osei Essed
  • Guitar, Bass:Daniel Saks
  • Guitar, Lungs, Percussion:Alessandro Tabora
  • Lungs, Keys, Accordion, Percussion:Amy Bush
  • Drums, Shake, Clink, Clack, Scrape:Justin Riddle
  • Lungs, Feet:Bloody Nose Boys


We are all teenagers.
Waiting on the day, when we won't be teenagers.

We are all prom dressing.
We are all second guessing.
We are all late for school.
We all feel a little bit uncool.

We are all teenagers.
Trying to find a way to not feel like teenagers.
We are all push and shove.
Our love is puppy love.
We are all pimple skin.
All of our time spent trying to fit in.

We are all teenagers.

So let's live while we can.
Cause we may never be teenagers again.

We are all teenagers.
Trying to leave a trace of when we were teenagers.