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Bob Mould - District Line Miniature Parade

  • ISRC:USEP40724109
  • Recorded:2007
  •  ©2008 Granary Music Under Exclusive License To Anti Inc.


I say to you / secrets that I hold so dear
I'm putting all my emotions on display
What i say to you / maybe it's that time of year
Would you like to see my miniature parade?

What I say to you / I thought about those broken hearted
Crazy years and I hope that they're gone
What I say to you will always stay between your loving arms and mine

Why'd you have to tear me up? Didn't I seem sad enough?
I can play the clown for you / is that what I'm supposed to do?

Sun is falling down like rain, the clouds are mixed with velvet pain
Miniature parade I bring to you
Try to see the reason i get mixed up when I open up my
Hopes and fears and wants and needs to you