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Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up On Me Only A Dream


  • ISRC:USFP60338106
  • Recorded:2002
  •  ©2002 Epitaph
  • Tenor Saxophone:Bennie Wallace
  • Backing Vocals:Niki Harris
  • Backing Vocals:Jean McClain
  • Organ:Rudy Copeland
  • Electric Guitar:Daniel Lanois
  • Backing Vocals:Clarence Fountain
  • Backing Vocals:Jimmy Carter
  • Backing Vocals:Bishop Billy Bowers
  • Backing Vocals:Ben Moore
  • Backing Vocals:Eric McKinnie
  • Backing Vocals:Caleb Butler
  • Backing Vocals:Joey Williams
  • Backing Vocals:Tracy Pierce
  • Vocals, Piano, Electric Guitar:Solomon Burke
  • Electric Guitar:Chris Bruce
  • Piano, Keyboard:David Palmer
  • Bass:David Piltch
  • Drums, Percussion:Jay Bellerose


Only a dream
That I had
In the night

Only a dream
But it felt
So right

Well i was down there
In the moonlight
I was holding you tight

But it was only a dream
Only a dream

Only a dream
That knocks me off my feet

Only a dream
Have you dancing
In the street

And that big band
Keeps on playing
Joe henry's retreat

But only a dream
Only in my dream

Only a dream
But somebody tried to knock me down

Only a dream
Keeps on hanging around

Only a dream
We're rolling in the snow

Only a dream
We just couldn't let go

I sit outside your window
Just like romeo
But it's only a dream
Yes, only a dream

But someone tries to knock me down
To the ground
But it was only a dream
But it's just a dream
Still hanging around.