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Busdriver - Jhelli Beam I've Always Known


  • ISRC:USEP40907012
  • Recorded:2009 The Echo Chamber
  •  ©2009 Anti Inc.
  • Vocals:Busdriver


Oh shit, I’ve been waiting for you to reduce the black experience
To a series of fly-by-night catch phrasing
And for every hiccup that I might sight
For me to be labeled wide-eyed and trite
As a forest nymph in stretched legging
Oh shit, exclamation point apostrophe slash
Is what you get when your modus operandi comes off as a comedy gag
It’s like being spoon-fed from the colostomy bag of an old crotchet hag
Thank god all of us aren’t embalmed and deep friend

I know you, you know me
I’m from the Project Blowed family
With a pitch match nasty scratch give a song a home
This unknown band is holding it’s own…

Sorry underground hip-hop happened ten years ago
Imagine having to say this at the pan-African theatre group bake sale
It’s been painted over like a glazed crayon pedicure
And its mantra’s been scrambled in to this crazed non sequitur
Sorry underground hip-hop happened ten years ago
These words stay parenthesized between two reticent moon halves
So go tell them douche bags their white tee’s look like nightgowns
While I loaf under the awning of my moral high ground
Oh shit, y’all got saltwater colonics
While my alma mater’s polish was hallmark worthy
Oh shit, and though my small squad is modest
I’m a cross-genre lobbyist here to install Doppler moral compasses
Still girls to not say “Mucho gusto, Papi”
Nor do I get kudos for being a pseudo-commie
Cuz I let niggas down like Boutros Boutros Ghali
Being overboard like a cruise boat folly
Fool, suck my glucose lollie