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Christopher Paul Stelling - Labor Against Waste Too Far North

  • ISRC:USEP41504010
  • Recorded:2015 The Columbus Theatre - Providence, RI & The Hook S
  •  ©2015 Anti, Inc.


- you backslid into purgatory where the weather is pleasant always - you were so damn tired you unlaced your old boots, decided right then and there that you’d stay - but soon you felt stifled by those new found comforts and you missed that old road and it’s ways - so you set off again for what you knew would be the last time, on that horizon line you fixed your steady gaze - you were too far, too far north - they found you in a snowbank three miles from town, you were stiff as a petrified oak - built a fire by the roadside and tried to warm you but dear you just never awoke - in your pockets they found your grandfathers watch and a lighter and a couple of coins - it was clear to me then that you’d left this old world for the place that we all soon would join - you were too far, too far north - now i’m not much for words but if you’d never have left then dear i never would have known, that it’s better to die with a spark in your eye than a weak dying breath and a groan - unlike most of the rest i will remember you best for that restlessness that filled up your bones, and you kept on trying till the bitter end to escape that old world we had known - you were too far, too far north. -