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Busdriver - Me - Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsest) (Single) Me - Time (With The Pulmonary Palimpsest)


  • ISRC:USEP40907002
  • Recorded:2009 The Echo Chamber
  •  ©2009 Anti Inc.
  • Vocals:Busdriver


They’ll paint their vulvas beige, bleed a cola keg
While I plan to ruin GOP motorcades
For these senseless zines turned censored scenes I earn a soldier’s wage
So I broke your leg, throw you roller blades
Cuz you claimed that the OG was overpaid
For pointing M-16’s at grenadine coursing through the Pollster aids
I need my water brush, in the economic crunch
The financers are seeped in embalming slush
And the sexist mean express the means to re-appeal Roe vs. Wade
So I got to démodé the dark matter on the spring loaded park plaza
Who is in charge? I don’t know, they all eat their business cards
I’m a hack at deer shooting , know Vladimir Putin
While I wear this cashmere pants-suit thing
I can knight the spokesman so Ibprophen become your golden egg

Automated voter ready-tellers are the subsequent heavy seller in the pool of undecided registry
Cuz they don’t give a fuck about the findings on the troop surge it’s a moot point. What have you heard?
Bumbling idiots for news correspondents see the desperate need for a new foreign policy
Yet they give the credence to the pro-war pandering as we all squabble over Saturn wings
Regimented double-talk undercuts the pertinence of the corporate heads trying to run away with tax cuts
In their vestibules the evangelicals are tent poles begging the
Head of state, “deregulate the gross”
Happy ever-after benefactors all settle matters the senate gathers to celebrate the fat fucks
Inability to give a single solitary hoot about the
Proletariat their merriment is gross

Your niggas looking G’d up, rolling in a Prius
But I got to give my money management a C+
With my foreclosed homes and pork bowl loans I re-visit the need to grind
I’m dating Russian fem-bots, sipping on some hemlock
Cuz I’ve got overdue billing on my desktop
When I’ve been overthought and undercooked that’s when I need


I need some me-time with the pulmonary palimpsest…

Watch the bank merge liberal thinker
Because now the middle finger’s
The California state bird, if you ain’t heard