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Japandroids - Near To The Wild Heart Of Life In A Body Like A Grave


  • ISRC:USEP41636008
  • Recorded:2016 Rain City Recorders & Golden Ratio
  •  ©2017 Japandroids Recording Inc. under exclusive license to Anti
  • Guitars, Vocals:Brian King
  • Drums, Backing Vocals:David Prowse


christ will call you out
school will deepen debt
work will sap the soul
hometown haunts what’s left

love will scar the heart
sun will burn the skin
just the way it is
and way it's always been

all in a lifetime, and all in a body like a grave

age is a traitor, and bit and bit
less lust for life, more talking shit
but remember there's heaven in the hellest of holes
and a drink for the body is a dream for the soul

well time will tell, but best beware
cause time is money, and money swears
so break the bank like you're breaking a bill
then love so hard that time stands still

if your name is shamed, or your love is lost
swap the city's lights for the southern cross
gather the gang, and make that night
an ultimatum to the universe, fuck or fight

from a mere mirage to the moment of
your cum of cums with your love of loves
it's all in a lifetime, but here and now
only god knows where, and devil knows how
all in a lifetime, and all in a body like a grave