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Sean Rowe - New Lore Gas Station Rose


  • ISRC:QZ5P51600001
  • Recorded:2016 Sam Phillips Recording Service - Memphis, TN
  •  ©2017 Anti
  • Drums, Percussion:Ken Coomer
  • B3, Piano:Rick Steff
  • AC, Vocals:Sean Rowe
  • Backing Vocals:Susan Marshall
  • String Arrangement:Sam Shoup
  • Cello:Elen Wroten
  • Viola:Neal Shaffer
  • Violin:Heather Trussell
  • Violin:Gaylon Mckay Patterson


and though we can’t have a garden while we’re still on the road
there’s only room on the dash for a gas station rose
you know that when i shut up
i got somethin’ to say
i was looking at you
you were looking away
at least we dodged the new york winter

maybe the mountain in our eyes
looks more like a mole hill from the other side
we are the elders of our minds
we’re on our own
we’re on our own

another year going by
like the signs on the street
highway seventy-five
nebraska flat as a sheet

living out of the trunk
we bounce around like a dream
another a major drawback
another sweet in between
at least we’re both confused together