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Sean Rowe - New Lore I'll Follow Your Trail


  • ISRC:QZ5P51600004
  • Recorded:2016 Sam Phillips Recording Service - Memphis, TN
  •  ©2017 Anti
  • Drums, Percussion:Ken Coomer
  • Bass:Dave Smith
  • Piano, Mellotron:Rick Steff
  • AC, Vocals:Sean Rowe


i didn’t know I was looking for you
i didn’t know there was something to find
tomorrow you won’t fit in yesterday’s shoes
and I’m trying so hard to rewind

you came to me is an empty cup
I didn’t know love could ever be real
and every day I tried to fill you up
with everything that I thought you would feel

through the years, the sorrow
the joy that we borrow
the tears that we share with the rain
today, tomorrow
forever, I’ll follow your trail

i was there when you took your first step
into a world that was wider than the sky
i held your belly there against my chest
i was there when you needed to cry

i never knew a friend could be so small
and have a heart just as big as the moon
you know I can’t stop you from growing up
i just wish that it wasn’t so soon