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Sean Rowe - New Lore It's Not Hard To Say Goodbye Sometimes


  • ISRC:QZ5P51600008
  • Recorded:2016 Sam Phillips Recording Service - Memphis, TN
  •  ©2017 Anti
  • Drums, Percussion:Ken Coomer
  • Bass:Dave Smith
  • AC, Vocals:Sean Rowe
  • Backing Vocals:Susan Marshall
  • Backing Vocals:Reba Russell
  • Electric Guitar:Dave Cousar
  • Pedal Steel:Richard Alan Ford
  • Mellotron:Matt Ross Spang


living with you was the gum on my shoe
who knew kingston would put us to bed
my communist brother
my earth fairy mother
it was only alive in our heads

uncles and aunties
would raise up the families
haul sap with an old metal pail
utopian dreams that would grow us some green
like the chicken shit under the kale

it’s not hard to say goodbye sometimes

we’ll steal like a seagul
till our dreams become legal
we’ll barter for the rest of our lives
cooperative living on a bastard thanksgiving
that we carve with our grandparents knives

we’ll shake up the laddies
now which one is daddy?
unschool ’em till their brains hit the floor
ahh but we don’t have the skill or the cast iron will
to keep up that happy or poor

it’s not hard to say goodbye sometimes