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Sean Rowe - New Lore Newton's Cradle


  • ISRC:QZ5P51600006
  • Recorded:2016 Sam Phillips Recording Service - Memphis, TN
  •  ©2017 Anti
  • String Arrangement:Sam Shoup
  • Cello:Elen Wroten
  • Viola:Neal Shaffer
  • Violin:Heather Trussell
  • Violin:Gaylon Mckay Patterson
  • Drums, Percussion:Ken Coomer
  • Bass:Dave Smith
  • Wurly:Rick Steff
  • Vocals, AC:Sean Rowe
  • Electric Guitar:Dave Cousar
  • Backing Vocals:Susan Marshall
  • Backing Vocals:Reba Russell


now i can tell from your tired face
tonight is gonna feel like sand
holy holy mary we’ve run out of grace
and there aint no promise land
and every time we fight it’s like a newton’s cradle
even our best intentions never
promised we would always stand

So now let’s just blow the lid off honey
cuz there ain’t no reason to walk around it
now my mouth is dry
and the river ain’t runnin’
and i don’t see a reason to talk about it

i remember when our love was easy
way before the deck was stacked
there ain’t no virtue in desparation
forcing what you can’t get back
now every time we fight it’s like a newtons cradle
we can’t be the flame forever
forever’s not where we’re it’s at