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Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite - No Mercy In This Land Bad Habits


  • ISRC:USEP41731002
  • Recorded:2017 The Village Studios - Santa Monica, CA
  • Producer:Ethan Allen
  • Producer:Jason Mozersky
  • Producer:Sheldon Gomberg
  • Writer:Ben Harper
  • Producer:Jimmy Paxson
  • Producer:Ben Harper


I got a bad habit
Slowly sinking in
Got me hearing voices
Seeing through my skin
When a man gives you his hat
He’s living on borrowed time
The shoe fit so I wore it
But I left one lace untied
Just a bad habit
Of wanting what I need
I may have been born
But I ain’t never been freed
I cry once a day
It’s a condition of the heart
You’re like a puzzle in a box
But I’m the one coming all apart
Got a bad habit
You know the one I mean
No before no after
Only in between
It’s a bad habit
Buries me in the dark
Until the only light is
A match that just won’t spark