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Jolie Holland - Pint Of Blood Honey Girl


  • ISRC:USEP41114009
  • Recorded:2011 New York
  •  ©2011 Anti, Inc.
  • Vocals, Rhythm Guitar:Jolie Holland
  • Bass, Drums:Shahzad Ismaily
  • Guitar:Greg Gersten


Oh honey girl, Lets go see the pretty stars
And talk about your magic superpowers
I think I know where the moon
is gonna rise
We can walk around the hill and take it
by surprise
Oh honey girl, Let's stay awake all night
And give the dreams no single palce
to hide
Except between our sweet here and now
And that just might keep the blues
From chasing me down
Just might keep me from getting the blues
I grab my smokes and walk it off
Round up my friends & Talk about it all
Oh Honey girl, You know my song
There ain't no sweet honey girl
Like you in the whole round world-
I've got three cities stuck in my heart
And a broken arrow shows me the way to go
Through the valley of trees
That I must cross
Just to keep the blues from
catching up with me
Just to keep from getting the blues