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Richard Reed Parry - Quiet River of Dust Vol 1 On The Ground


  • ISRC:USEP41824003
  • Recorded:2018 Skybarn, Future Past Studios, Long Pond Studio & T
  •  ©2018 Richard Reed Parry, under exclusive license to Anti
  • Producer:Richard Reed Parry
  • Producer:Aaron Dessner
  • Writer:Richard Reed Parry


On the ground / In great silence, in great sound / In great footsteps on the ground / Ask your voices where they’re found, / In the forest, all around

In your sound…

Giant voices, tiny town / Waves keep breaking on the Sound / Ask your sister where she’s found, / She’ll say “waiting on the ground”

In your sound... On the ground / 


In those days, lost in mind, lost in thought, left behind / Take an average house, float into the air and the memories within’ll get lost or repaired... / Ain’t no voices, ain’t no sound, / Ain’t no footsteps on the ground, / Underground / In your sound… on the ground