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Richard Reed Parry - Quiet River of Dust Vol 1 Song Of Wood


  • ISRC:USEP41824004
  • Recorded:2018 Skybarn, Future Past Studios, Long Pond Studio & T
  •  ©2018 Richard Reed Parry, under exclusive license to Anti
  • Writer:Richard Reed Parry
  • Writer:Laurel Spengelmeyer
  • Producer:Richard Reed Parry
  • Producer:Aaron Dessner


Take me to the hills / Take me through the shadows / Endless ways to wheel / Down the valleys below

Gave my love a lake / But the lake was shallow / Ploughed my son a field / But the field lay fallow

Angel on a throne / Devil on a wagon / God up on a stage / Grass around the tower / Tower in a field / Field is full of family / Family underground / And the valleys below

Heading for that lake / Heading towards the shallows / So sew seeds in that field… / And the valleys below.