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Rain Machine - Rain Machine Hold You Holy

  • ISRC:USEP40918006
  • Recorded:2009 Staygold Studio / Live Oak Studio
  •  ©2009 Anti Inc.


With the stars up above
you're a sight to behold.
Such a revelation of truth.
Let these hands relax
In the small of your back.
Drop a line,
Catch a ghost
In your shoes.

But this hooks been baited
Try not to waste it
Know what you're wadin' through
Just reel it in slow
And don't let it go
Bet you'll wanna taste it too!

Come over here see your slick baddy,
Watch him comb out his hair and pose
You know he loves you maddly!
Wants to hold you holy like a waterfall
Let touch say all!
Wants to ride your fawn,
Well ya might as well come on!!

Don't want to waste it,
Piss on debase it,
Just want to carry through,
So come on get lost
In this call and response
With a yes from me and a yes from you!!!

This heart is yearnin
Whole body burnin
Forever learning how to make it new.
The stars say it's so!
All green lights so go!
I wanna dance with you!!!

Come on now shake it,
Know you can't fake it,
Do what we're born to do!
The stars all align!
And still you outshine!
I wanna dance with you!!