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Son Little - Things I Forgot Your Love Will Blow Me Away When My Heart Aches

  • ISRC:USEP41402001
  • Recorded:2013
  •  ©2014 Anti, Inc.


When my heart aches I'm drowning
Pain won't go away
And in my cups brown fills my brain won't go away
These five yellow girls all on parade asphyxiate
Still stuck in a cage tryna ply my trade won't go away

And I'm afraid
Yer love won't blow me away
Am I dumb?
All cuz I numb the pain
Or am I just another runaway

When shadows creep across my floor won't go away
You've had enough but still want more won't go away
My engine gunning thunderbirds
Asphalt wanna race? Still trapped in a box tryna clear my name won't go away


This afghan kush we're bubbling won't burn away
My moon my queen been gone since may so I lie awake
My easy death in ecstasy my hands still shake
When my heart aches I'm drowning pain won't go away