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The Antlers - Undersea Zelda

The Antlers - Undersea

Tracks on this album


  • ISRC:USEP41230004
  • Recorded:2012 Antlercorp Studios - Brooklyn, NY
  •  ©2012 Anti, Inc.
  • Vocals, Guitars, Harp:Peter Silberman
  • Synths, Piano, Bass, Trumpet, Vocals:Darby Cicci
  • Drums, Percussion:Michael Lerner


You asked me to wake you
If I woke up before you,
And you were still stuck inside.

I’m here to tell you, “We’re not awake yet.”

We live between two worlds-
A tunnel with two lights,
Pitch black in the middle.
Like a dream’s dream (A copy’s copy)

It’s just not important-
The small things we suffer,
They’re infinitesimal.

We swim in an ocean.
It swims between us.